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Hello 2017!

tea towel calendar

No fun little piece of artwork dashed off with my new art supplies this year as a) I didn’t get any new art supplies and b) I am in bed with a cold uploading a million files as I move Super Cute Kawaii to new hosting.

Still, let’s have a look back at what I hoped to get done last year and set some new goals.

I did manage to publish a new Japan guide and work on my next book and I am well on my way to consolidating all my various websites into one big professional web hosting account. Changing Asking For Trouble to a terrified me for years (I’ll lose my Google ranking! No one will ever find me again!) but the internet has changed so much recently that it barely made any difference to my traffic. The rest was…less successful.

Let’s try again:

Dressmaking, for reals
I barely sewed a thing on my sewing machine in 2016 but having made a few Christmas gifts and completed quite a few new craft kits, I think I might be ready to get back to it. Also Primark stopped making the pyjamas I like so that half-started pyjamas project is looking like more of a priority to me now.

Read 52 books
I never do reading challenges because I read a lot of long books and it seems unfair, but I started a book group with my friends and joined the Goodreads reading challenge. I read 42 books (and 15,000 pages!) last year so 52 this year would be cool – one a week!

Make art for fun
Those new art supplies from last year haven’t been getting much use but now that my studio has finally been repainted, I plan to make this a regular thing. I’m also going to invest in an iPad and Apple Pencil as it’s so much fun to use.

I haven’t had a proper clear out since I moved in almost three years ago and I could really do with one. I’ve been applying the KonMari method to some parts of my home and definitely want to take it further. First stops will be reorganising my studio and bookshelves.

Get on my bike!
My bike has also been sadly neglected in my shed since I moved, partly because of the dreadful weather last year. I really want to make an effort this year as I miss biking around. Weather permitting…

More small trips
After my big Japan trip, it’s time for a few smaller trips. I really want to explore more up the train line to Oban and I’m making plans for London, Portmeirion and possibly Holland.

That seems plenty to get on with!


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