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New Packaging

It’s always hard to decide whether to spend money on things I can do myself, but two of my new packaging improvements were well worth the investment.

brooch packaging

My acrylic brooches have had the same packaging ever since I made my first batch of ghosts, but I happened across some cello bags that fit business cards and suddenly realised I could make much prettier packaging at a reasonable price. The new backing cards make the brooches stand out even more and take up less space – double bonus!

Glow in the Dark Little Ghost Brooch

The Glow in the Dark Ghosts are my favourite – both ghosts really suit the black background and these also give you a little hint of what colour they glow. I immediately repackaged all my stock so if you order now you’ll get a fancy new one.

Magnetic Meal Planner Notepad

My main reason for paying for things is when I start to hate doing them. After peeling what felt like my billionth hand-cut sticker for magnetic notepads, I decided enough was enough and got some printed professionally. My fingers are already thanking me.

Now what can I improve next….

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