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Reading Challenge Update

After failing my reading resolutions the last couple of years, I’m doing so much better this year and wanted to update.


While I’ve been on Goodreads for years, this is the first time I’ve taken part in their reading challenge and it’s made a huge difference. Seeing my total go up really helps motivate me to read more and it’s great having a bit of friendly competition with my friends’ challenges. I’m 2 books ahead of schedule already!


You can read my reviews on I’ve been switching things up to keep it interesting – so far I’ve read 4 fiction, 1 non-fiction, 1 memoir and 2 comics/manga with 5 on Kindle, 1 real book and 2 on my iPad. Realising I could read comics on my iPad was brilliant. Properly set up official comics are so cool to read as you swipe your way through the panels and artwork details. I’ve also finally been able to start reading an early manga series by my favourite manga artist Ai Yazawa, thanks to fanmade scanlations as it’s never been officially translated into English.


I’m feeling much more confident about my 52 book challenge now. I always imagined I would fail again because of my tendency to read incredibly long books, but if I balance that out with comics it might just happen. Then again, I have vowed to read my long-shelved copy of S this year, which is like 3 books in one complicated puzzle.

If you’re doing the Goodreads challenge too, feel free to friend me – I always friend back.

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