Angel Bunny Brooches

angel bunny card

Angel Bunny has been my travel companion for over ten years now (give or take a “spa break” when he disappeared and then came back all refreshed and new looking). My mum loves him almost more than I do so I thought I’d make her an Angel Bunny brooch for her birthday since we’d both be visiting her.

angel bunny brooches

I already had an illustration from my free comic and blog banner so I just altered it for laser cutting and ordered 3 so I had one for me too and a practice one to mess up. I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of the unpainted pieces but I must have been too excited.

angel bunny brooch

This was my first time painting on wooden brooches and it turned out pretty well, though the surface is quite rough. That works quite well for Angel Bunny’s fuzzy coat though. The face is engraved but I used a pen on top to make it stand out more.

angel bunny brooch

I had this perfectly-sized jewellery box sitting about which somehow makes it look even cuter!


Needless to say, she loved it! I’ve been wearing mine on my coat for a few days so we’ll see how well it holds up and maybe there will be more painted brooches in future.

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