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Blossom Hunting


It has felt like the longest winter ever but last year’s blossom hunting walk was almost exactly a year ago so I guess this is just how long it lasts now (it snowed yesterday too).


There are so many blossom trees around my part of Helensburgh and I’m so grateful. There’s a couple of blocks of white blossom that appear first and then loads of pink ones. The street above is pink from end to end plus a couple of side streets.


I still find it odd that Helensburgh doesn’t bother with pavements, even on quite busy roads, but it is quite enjoyable, unless you hit a muddy stretch or get a load of gravel in your shoes. I liked this wonky tree making a nice blossom tunnel.


I always call pink blossoms cherry blossoms, but that does seem to actually be true? There’s just lots of different types of cherry trees. These ones are very puffy!


Hermitage Park is getting overhauled at the moment so it’s looking a bit sad while they remove the diseased trees and sort out the paths. I can’t wait to see the new improved park which will have lots of new features.


And of course I wandered home past the seafront which was very windy. The beach cleanup volunteers had been out this week and it was looking (and smelling) so good. I really must make a note to help out sometime as I always forget the dates.

Sakura Blossoms desktop & mobile wallpaper

Hope you’ve had some blossoms near you too, and if not, there are lots of cute ones in my shops and my desktop & mobile wallpaper is still free to download.

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