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New Packaging & Product Photography

badge sets

My acrylic brooch packaging turned out so well that I decided to expand it to my wooden brooches and badge sets. I did briefly consider designing individual backing cards but with so many badge sets, a generic one seemed more sensible. It was a good plan as they look so cute all together.

wooden brooches

The wooden brooch packaging is similar too and since they’re half the size of my previous backing cards, it all takes up much less space and shaves a few grams off your order weight.

badge set

The only downside of new packaging is that I have to re-photograph all the products but at least the weather has been sunny for a whole week. Badges are so annoying to photograph as they reflect the light but I managed to get them all done.

busy bee organiser

Every summer I say I will update all my product photos so this year I have actually made a list and got through quite a few things at the weekend. I struggle a bit with lifestyle photos but I was quite pleased with this one of my Busy Bee Organiser. Tasks you never considered when starting a business: inventing fake to do lists.

Kawaii Japan book

My Kawaii Japan paperback books are also back in stock so I took a few new photos of those too. If you’re enjoying my Japan posts, this covers my first 3 trips and includes a whole load of writing and illustrations that haven’t been published anywhere else. The paperback is A Nice Thing to own (and I can even sign/draw on it for you), but it is expensive so ebooks & PDF editions are just £2-£3 a copy.

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