New! Printed Wooden Brooches

kawaii wooden brooches - askingfortrouble

I’m really happy to be able to show you my new printed wooden brooches! There are five characters to start off with: Bunny, Panda, Pineapple, Planet and Cakeify the happy cupcake.

kawaii bunny brooches - askingfortrouble

I haven’t designed any new brooches or enamel pins for almost a year because the characters I wanted to add didn’t work in either format. I really wanted to make a new version of the Bunny brooch I used to sell years ago (on the left) and printed wooden brooches were the best solution. I think they turned out even cuter!

kawaii wooden brooches - askingfortrouble

Since I was ordering Bunny, I had to add her Panda friend. Then I spent some time choosing three more characters. I’ve always wanted to have Planet and Pineapple brooches so they were easy. Cakeify deserved a spot since his friends Bread Slice and Jammie Dodger have been available for years. Don’t they look cute on their new backing cards?

kawaii pineapple brooch - askingfortrouble

If you own one of my engraved wooden brooches, these are made of a thicker Maple wood and the printing is really bright and colourful. I think the little Pineapple is my favourite, but don’t tell the others.

kawaii wooden necklaces - askingfortrouble

You can find them all in my shop and on Etsy and you can order them as pendant necklaces too. Fun fact: I only own one necklace with a removable chain so had to photograph them individually and Photoshop it together!

brooch sale

PS. Don’t forget to check out my Brooch Sale!

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