Vintage Buttons & Sewing Notions

Over on, we were talking about our vintage sewing stuff – look what my friend Soléna got from her friend! – and I took a load of photos to share. It was nice to look at it all so I’m sharing some here too.

vintage sewing supplies

I’ve been collecting buttons for a long time now and have a whole collection of button-themed fabric designs from the early days of Asking For Trouble. I’m really glad I took the time to pick out all my favourites and put them in a jar as it’s so colourful to look at. Plastic, flower and geometric buttons are definitely my favourites.

vintage sewing supplies

My button tin isn’t quite as exciting or colourful but there are still lots of great ones in here, along with a whole load of random fastenings and toggles and other odd bits, including…

vintage sewing supplies

Buckles! These are all such cool shapes.

vintage sewing supplies

I love button cards, even when the buttons themselves aren’t that interesting. These ones are all trying to outdo each other with the names. Exclusive buttons! Top buttons! Good buttons!

vintage sewing supplies

My mum gave me this silver thimble and the box is almost prettier than the actual thimble. I keep them on display separately in my type drawer of tiny things.

vintage sewing supplies

Just a cool looking measuring tape. I use this quite a lot even though it’s only in inches.

vintage sewing supplies

This felt flower box is still one of my favourite charity shop finds ever. It currently holds all my tapestry wool.

vintage sewing supplies

I think doilies are so pretty and no one likes them so you can get them really cheaply. I use the big one on my dining table with a plant on top.

vintage sewing supplies

And of course, I have a huge pile of vintage fabric. I feel a bit guilty hoarding it all but it’s so hard to use it. The two on the left are both duvet sets.

Hope you enjoyed the photos – there’s more of my charity shop & vintage finds on Flickr.

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  • Reply Emma May 18, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Those buckles are just so pleasing to look at! Geometric and nostalgic at the same time.

    I have a similar silver thimble that we think belonged to my g g grandfather who was a tailor – no box though!

    My mum has most of the family button collection, stored in a big Rumtopf jar, and I love tipping them out on a tray for a good rummage. I always love the mother of pearl ones that I first came across when they were in my gran’s button tin.

    And I have lots of buttons, studs etc on cards that I’ve picked up in charity shops, and wooden reels of thread.

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