New! Peapod Enamel Pin

peapod enamel pin - askingfortrouble

After the manufacturers messed up my Little Ghosts last year, I lost interest in designing enamel pins for a while. My own collection has kept growing though so I decided to give it another go with a different company. I tried out a few different characters and ordered my Peapod. Thankfully they turned out super cute!

They’re actually a little bigger than my Mt Fuji pins but because of the shape, they look so tiny and adorable. I’ve filled up my enamel pin frame so now I have an excuse to make a bigger one!

peapod enamel pin - askingfortrouble

I decided to make special packaging for them too as it adds to the fun. I used my Peapods repeat pattern so they look like they’re sitting in a pea patch.

kawaii enamel pins - askingfortrouble

Peapod pins are available in my shops right now for just £7. If you haven’t picked up Mt Fuji yet, you’ll need to order soon as there’s only 5 left. I may bring them back some day but it’s not certain. Now that I’ve had a happy enamel pin experience, I have a couple more designs I’d like to order first, plus hopefully I can get some Little Ghosts back for Halloween.

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