Recent Purchases: April-June

Another round up of stuff I’ve been buying.

mofutans - pink samurai pins - marcelinesmith

As you know, Easter is my favourite holiday so it was impossible to resist buying The Pink Samurai‘s easter enamel pins. I think I might be going back for more soon. I also now finally own a Mofutans plush, a surprise gift from Nicolette for Easter. I saw these in Japan but couldn’t decide which one to buy.

elhorno enamel pin - marcelinesmith

It feels like I’ve been very restrained in my enamel pin purchases lately but that’s because I filled up my frame! This was the last one to fit in by El Horno. I’ll show you my new display set up soon because obviously I wasn’t going to stop buying pins.

uniqlo x nintendo - marcelinesmith

Nintendo’s collaboration with Uniqlo was so cool and I managed to snap up my two favourites. A lot of the designs sold out really quickly but hopefully they’ll restock.

san-x plush - marcelinesmith

I need to stop browsing Amazon Japan as it’s all too easy now with Amazon Global. I bought all these little San-X plushies and got them 3 days later with no customs fees! I wrote about them more over at Super Cute Kawaii.

noodoll pear plush - marcelinesmith

My plush display needs a major reorganisation. The newest addition is this unique Noodoll pear plush from their sample sale. Hilariously, Nicolette bought a pear too. We are so predictable.

sumikko gurashi rement - marcelinesmith

In other sister coincidences, we both bought a box of Sumikko Gurashi House Rement and both got our favourite, the cleaning Ghost! The dustball is my second favourite so this was perfect for me. I want human-sized versions of all this.

strawberry pot holders - marcelinesmith

My kitchen has a bit of a fruit theme so I couldn’t leave these strawberry pot holders behind in Tiger.

suitcase - marcelinesmith

And it’s only a few weeks until I travel down to London for my first Hyper Japan! I’m flying back and quite excited about my new Aerolite carry-on suitcase. I was tempted by the yellow but the blue contrasts perfectly with my Aranzi Aronzo luggage tag.

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