Shop News: Restocks, Updates & Sales

Just a quick update on what’s new with my shops.

polymer stamps

Polymer Stamps

Lots of characters have been going out of stock but now they’re all back. Buy a matching set or pick and mix your favourites! I’m also working on a couple of new designs that will be available later this year.

wooden necklaces and keyrings

Wooden Keyrings & Charms

It occurred to me that my pendant necklace option for brooches could also let you make them into keyrings or phone/bag charms so I took some new photos and updated the listing. To be clear, you get the same attachment for them all – just add a chain, ribbon, split ring or phone loop as you prefer.

kawaii bunny and panda card

Bunny & Panda cards

I’ve had two of these cards in the sale for months and months because I couldn’t decide whether to reprint them or not. Well, someone eventually bought them and I decided they could come back. They’re also part of my 2 cards for £3.50 offer so stock up.

Tokyo Shopping Guide 2017

Tokyo Shopping Guide

The wheels of ebook updating continue to turn very slowly for my new Tokyo Shopping Guide. Amazon in their infinite wisdom need two weeks and counting to change the price so you can currently get it for 99p (or 99c in the US). For all non–Amazon e-readers, Lulu & Kobo have the new epub version. iBooks is telling me nothing yet so who knows what’s happening there.

spoonflower fabric pencil cases

Pencil Cases

Most of my pencil cases are out of stock (still some bargain cutie fruity ones in the sale!) but I have ordered more fabric so they’ll be back as soon as my busy mum finds the time to sew them up.

brooch sale


And don’t forget the sale! There’s half price wooden brooches and a few slightly damaged polymer stamps (that still print perfectly) plus bargains on stationery and zines.

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