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colourmyeveryday - marcelinesmith

Throughout June I took part in ColourMyEveryDay on Instagram, a daily photo challenge by Adventures and Tea Parties. It was great to have an excuse to share more of my colourful belongings! I found the prompts were a little bit too vague for me – I prefer more of a challenge – but that made it easy to stick to. You can see all my photos and captions here on and here’s a few favourites.

colourmyeveryday - marcelinesmith

This was my most popular photo of the month. I hadn’t planned to add the faces but they looked like they were fighting for attention so it had to be done.

colourmyeveryday - marcelinesmith

I never miss a chance to take pretty photos of my bunny vase, especially when Waitrose have half price peonies.

colourmyeveryday - marcelinesmith

My fox bag also got a lot of love. It’s holding up really well for a year’s worth of daily use.

colourmyeveryday - marcelinesmith

The contents of my kitchen cupboard. I think this sums up pretty well why I would enjoy a colour photo challenge.

You can check the #ColourMyEveryDay tag on Instagram to see everyone else’s photos.

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