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2018 Tea Towel Calendars + 5 Year Diary

I was pretty gutted to discover that I missed the annual Spoonflower tea towel calendar contest for the first time ever. It was a few weeks earlier than usual so I wasn’t expecting it yet. It’s not that I ever place that highly in the voting, but it’s just nice to see what everyone has designed this year and how mine works alongside it.

2018 tea towel calendar

Here’s what I would have entered for my eighth year. I’ve been thinking about the weather a lot lately (after another rainy summer followed by a cold and rainy autumn) so this seemed like a fun idea. I’ve added it to my Spoonflower store and it will be available as soon as I get a swatch in the post.

2018 tea towel calendars

I’ve also updated all my previous calendars if you fancy sewing up a tea towel for 2018. Mugs and postcards and things will be available over the next few weeks.


Which brings us to 5 Year Diaries! I wasn’t sure if it was worth doing them this year but I’ve had one request already so I probably will now. The question is whether anyone else wants a paperback version (as above) rather than the spiral bound edition I sell through Lulu. If you are interested, speak up now and I’ll set up a pre-order.

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