New! Smiley Face Stamps :)

Sometimes people email me with brilliant ideas and these new Smiley Face polymer stamps are one of them. I can completely relate to the wish to add a happy face to everything so I designed a new stamp to add to my range.

smiley face stamp

Since it’s just a smiley face, I had to come up with some examples of how to use the stamp. I don’t often have time to just sit around and paint so this was a bit of a treat. You can either stamp the face and then draw characters around it, or (my favourite), paint/draw shapes and then stamp a face on top. I love how if you don’t quite get the stamp central, it looks like they’re looking off to the side – so cute!

smiley face stamps

You can pick these up for £5 each in my shop and on Etsy. They’re also part of the pick & mix offer, but I still need to update the graphics.

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