New! 5 A Day Shopper Bags

My 5 A Day tote bags have been out of stock for a very long time, but I’ve brought them back for Christmas as shopper bags!

5 a day shopper bag

Since they’re covered with my happy fruit and vegetables characters, a shopper bag makes much more sense and these are ready for the supermarket, farmer’s market, or just to tuck in your handbag ready for an impulse shopping spree.

5 a day shopper bag

These shopper bags have gussets on 3 sides so you can really cram in a lot of groceries. I took one on a test drive myself to make sure – there’s a whole cabbage in there and two full size bottles of squash. They also have long handles so those of us without a car can easily carry everything home.

5 a day shopper bag

Best of all, the price stays the same! These would make great gifts for vegetarians, vegans and gardeners, but are useful enough for anyone who does the weekly shop. Get them in my shop now.

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