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Price Freeze – What’s Going Up?

It’s the last week to take advantage of my Price Freeze before I raise some of my prices on February 1st. I have updated my overly complex spreadsheet with all the current costs and it affected less products than I expected but here’s what’s changing.

kawaii greeting cards

Cards – now £2, will be £3

I’ve kept my cards range at £2 for a long time but printing prices have gone up (thanks, Brexit) and I have no choice. Single cards will be £3 each but you’ll still be able to save by buying any 2 cards for £5.

Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables Postcards

Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables Postcards – now £1.25, will be £2

One of my most popular products is another victim of rising printing prices. These postcards will soon be £2 each or a set of 2 for £3.50 and I will use the money to take a better product photo!

kawaii banana fruit brooch

Banana Brooches- now £4, will be £5

These Bananas take more time to make than my Ghosts, thanks to the hand coloured stalk and tiny mouths that need removing with a pin (this is my silliest task for sure) but will still be a bargain at £5.

kawaii gift wrapping

Gift Wrap Sets – now £3, will be £4

My wrapping paper is staying the same price but gift tags are more expensive. That means gift wrap sets with tags and stickers are going up to £4 and packs of gift tags will be double the price.

kawaii buttons badges

Badges & Badge Sets

It’s not all bad news for badges. Sets of 4 are actually going down 5p! Single badges and sets of 5 will stay the same, but sets of 2, 3 and 10 will be going up to £2, £3 and £8 respectively.

kawaii fridge magnets

Fridge Magnets

I only added fridge magnets due to a customer request but they have turned out to be really popular! Now that I have a better idea of what I need to make them and how much time they take, prices are quite a bit higher. A single magnet will be £1.50, a set of 2 £2.90 and 4 for £5.

spoonflower fabric pencil cases

Fabric Pencil Cases- now £7, will be £10

And the biggest rise of the lot. Materials costs have risen quite a bit and these pencil cases are all sewn by hand so I think £10 is reasonable. You can always make your own instead!

You can see all these products in the Going Up collection so get your order in by Thursday.


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