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Last year, I decided to join my friends and set a reading challenge on Goodreads for the first time. I went for one book a week and wasn’t entirely confident about reaching it. However, I totally smashed it, finishing the year on 57 books! And that doesn’t even include rereads or self-published zines/comics.

goodreads 2017

There’s some fun stats on Goodreads and below are some more:

  • 40 fiction
  • 17 non fiction
  • 49 ebooks
  • 8 real books
  • 32 female authors
  • 25 male authors
  • 7 comics (including a 7 volume manga and a 32 volume manga!)
  • 7  books/comics set in the Star Wars expanded universe (shut up)
  • 18 rated 5/5
  • 29 rated 4/5
  • 9 rated 3/5
  • 1 unrated

If you’d like some recommendations, I made a list of all the books I rated 5 stars.

For 2018, I’ve upped my reading challenge to 60 books, so we’ll see how that goes. I really recommend joining Goodreads if you want to read more. You can friend me here.

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