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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I often take a photo of the view when I walk along the seafront.  Only the prettiest photos get much interest as presumably people follow me for my cute characters and Japan trips.

Helensburgh - marcelinesmith

The obvious thing to do was start another Instagram account. I can post views as often as I like and the 30-ish people who enjoy them can follow me there. If you like nice views, you can find me at @averyquietstreet. I walk along the seafront at least three times a week, and much more often in the summer, so it should be fun to see how the view changes. I’m also finding I go out for walks more now if it looks like there will be a nice view.

Helensburgh - marcelinesmith

I’ll also be using it to share photos when I’m travelling as I can post more there without boring people. It’s kind of sad that Instagram and its users prefer you to be consistent and predictable, and not post too often, but at least there’s Stories to have fun with.

Helensburgh - marcelinesmith

@marcelinesmith is still both a personal and business account though so it won’t all be products. I will keep sharing the creative parts of my life there, and the occasional view if it’s really nice out. I will also be taking part in March Meet The Maker again.

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