100 Days of Kawaii Characters – Part 2

How is another 12 days already?! Here’s the second post to catch up on my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project – for the daily posts, follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 13-16

  • Lemons & Limes – a repeat pattern I’ve had on my list since 2016. (Illustrator)
  • Dango – a cute Japanese snack that I’ve never actually tried. (Illustrator)
  • Triple Scoop Ice Creams – so many fun faces. (Illustrator)
  • Tulips – high fiving the arrival of spring, finally. (Illustrator)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 17-20

  • Bunny Ice Cream – my SCK Bunny mascot as a cute ice cream. (Illustrator)
  • Panda Ice Cream – to match the bunny. It would be fun to make this one in real life. (Illustrator)
  • Cup of Tea – for National Tea Day. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Pastel Planets – this was popular so I turned it into a repeat pattern. (Photoshop)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 21-24

  • Liquorice Allsorts – a quick sketch that got a lot of love. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Friendly Ghost – another quick doodle. (Procreate/iPad)
  • Battenberg Cake – he’s back, redrawn as a vector. (Illustrator)
  • Fuji in the Clouds – inspired by the amazing view I got landing in Tokyo in 2016. (Procreate/iPad)

Any new favourites in this batch?

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