New! Kawaii Skies Gift Wrap & Brooches

I gave you a preview of my Kawaii Skies gift wrap but here’s a look at the real thing, plus some cute new brooches.

Kawaii Skies cloud brooches

Let’s start with the Happy Cloud brooches, as they turned out so cute! I couldn’t decide which face to order so I got both. Judging by the mini poll on Instagram, that was the right choice. It’s also why I still love designing acrylic brooches – two lots of enamel pins would have been very expensive, plus I have bad luck with white enamel pins arriving with black smudges.

Kawaii Skies cloud brooches

They’re only £4 each, or you can order both together and save £1. They do look very cute as a pair and would also be fun in a group with other nature-themed pins.

Kawaii Skies wrapping paper

My new Kawaii Skies gift wrap also turned out cute and is perfect for any happy gifting occasion with clouds, sunshine, balloons and rainbows.

Kawaii Skies gift wrap set

It’s available as flat sheets or in a handy gift wrap set, which includes 2 sheets of wrapping paper, 2 folded gift tags and 2 stickers.

Kawaii gift wrap

The colour scheme really rounds out my wrapping paper collection! Now that I have five designs again, the random option in my pick and mix offer will include equal amounts of all designs. You can also request your own selection of designs, if you only want certain characters.

It’s nice to have new things in the shop! Hope you like them.

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