100 Days of Kawaii Characters – Part 4

My 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project hit the half way point last week! That’s awesome, but now I’m very aware exactly how much work I still have left to do. I waited to include them in this post so here’s a look back at the last 16 days – for the daily posts, follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 37-40

  • PB&J – inspired by the torrent of PB&J posts on Did you see my How to make PB&J? (Adobe Sketch/iPad)
  • Padlock – because I needed something cute for my boring GDPR updates. (Illustrator)
  • Umbrellas – Some new colours I was trying for a repeat pattern (Illustrator)
  • Sandwich – trying out the new messy brushes in Sketch. (Adobe Sketch/iPad)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 41-44

  • Liquorice Allsorts – I turned my sketches into vectors. Pattern soon! (Illustrator)
  • Blueberries – there are always more cute fruits to draw. (Illustrator)
  • Bananas – more fun with brushes. (Adobe Sketch/iPad)
  • Marshmallow Bunny – from Usagito Cafe‘s new menu. (Adobe Sketch/iPad)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 45-48

  • Umbrellas pattern – I got there in the end! (Illustrator/Photoshop)
  • Suitcase – I don’t know if my suitcase gets this excited about going on holidays, but it has to be more fun than sitting in my hall cupboard. (Illustrator)
  • Cactus – It’s super sad that you can’t hug a cactus without hurting yourself. (Adobe Sketch/iPad)
  • Dandelion. I drew a dandelion clock (below) and then thought I should post a dandelion first. (Illustrator)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 49-52

  • Dandelion Clock – I used the Sea Urchin as a base for this.(Illustrator)
  • Shocked Cactus – #50! I had to do something fun to celebrate and this made me laugh. (Adobe Sketch/iPad)
  • Peony – or maybe a rose or a ranunculus. I have an idea for this… (Illustrator)
  • Onions – sometimes I look at old characters and can’t believe how sloppy I was. This guy’s arms and legs were all over the place! I tidied it up and made a big onion friend too. (Illustrator)
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