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I feel like I’ve been very quiet online lately and people might start thinking either something bad has happened or I’m super duper busy. The reality is just that things are good, and thus boring! I’m also finding my social media timelines are very negative at the moment so here’s what I’ve been doing and not really sharing.

100 day project

100 Day Project

This has been a lot more time-consuming than I thought! I’m really trying to share stuff that isn’t finished or I’m not 100% happy with but I still spend a lot of time trying to make things better. It has really taken over my social media feeds too but everyone still seems to be enjoying it so I’m not going to worry too much. I’m almost half way through and will have a lot of thoughts to share at the end. These postcards are for my Surprise Mail Swap – and the only way to get one!


Going Outside

The weather has been SO NICE. I don’t think even other parts of the UK realise how big of a deal this is, when 90% of the year it is cold and/or wet here. Combine that with spring blossoms and some super fun new Pokemon Go challenges and I’ve been out every day. Still so grateful to live 1 minute away from this view.

Decluttering & Not Buying Stuff

My decluttering has slowed a bit but I started on my sewing stuff and fabric (I may sell some of my fabric stash). I’m doing even better at the not adding new clutter part. I went into Glasgow last week and only brought home food (M&S, I miss you). I then realised I did the same thing last time I visited (in March!) so that’s quite a run. I’m also glad I got the chance to pop by Risotto’s Riso Room at The Lighthouse before it ended. So much cool stuff to see, and free.


Super Cute Kawaii

SCK never stops! I’m always writing blog posts, editing blog posts, thinking of ideas for blog posts, finding stuff to share on Instagram etc. etc. We partnered with Paperchase for a giveaway recently, which is definitely something that would have been on the goals list, if we’d ever written one. It never gets boring either – does that look like a lot of squishies to you? Well, the box is knee high so multiply that by about 15 and imagine my face when it arrived. Unexpected job tasks – pouring a huge box of squishies repeatedly on the floor for a slo-mo video. Now I have to figure out how to photograph and review all this – and how best to remove at least 95% of them from my home.

seasonal fruit and vegetables charts

Asking For Trouble

Things are a bit quieter on this side – everyone has kindly been ordering the same products and/or things that are already packaged ready to send so shipping days have been very short and quick. I’ve been spending some time taking new photos, updating shop listings and dealing with the dreaded GDPR. I’m also thinking about new products so hopefully some of those will work out.


After a big break, I’m back doing freelance work and have a few fun jobs on the go. Once it starts raining again, I really need to update my portfolio website as it’s horrifically out of date.



I cannot deny this is one of my main pastimes at the moment. I figure that if you feel like a break from things, and the universe is cool with it, then you should grab it without any guilt. I’m sure something will be along soon to stress me out. I’m currently reading a very lengthy history of the Royal Mail and realising I am a major postal nerd – it’s full of fascinating facts! I’ve also read multiple chapters of my maps book (above), which I have been reading for 3 years. I’m watching a lot of TV too and even caught up on some films, plus I have a new Picross game. More about all of this at the end of the month.

So, yes, life is good and boring now but I expect to have more interesting things to share over the summer. Hope things are good with you too!


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