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While there haven’t been any big new product launches this month, there are some smaller bits of news I haven’t shared yet so let’s catch up.

kawaii badges

Badge Sets

I recently had to do a big restock on badges and decided to make a few changes. My Sakura had been popular lately so I’ve added it to the Kawaii Japan badge set alongside Mt Fuji & Onigiri. I also finally got around to changing the yellow background on my Donut badge so that it matches the egg yolk and pancake butter. Of course, you can buy all these individually in my pick & mix offer.

kawaii cards


Back in January when I raised my prices, I said cards would be going up to £3 but I managed to find some ways to reduce costs and they’re £2.50 each instead. You can still save some cash with my pick & mix offer – as well as 2 cards for £4.50, I added 5 cards for £10. Great for stocking up so you always have a card on hand.

halloween special offers

Ghost Gang Offer

I found some more of these mini bags so the Ghost Gang offer is back up. Buy any two of my Little Ghost brooches and you’ll get a hand-drawn storage bag to keep them them in. There may be some new Ghosts arriving soon too…

Discount Extended

When I ordered my new logo business cards, I kind of forgot this is the quiet part of the year and the discount code expiry date arrived before I sent out all the cards! Instead of chucking them in the recycling, I’ve extended the code – so if you already have one, feel free to keep using it until it stops working.

New Payment Methods

Some of these were added ages ago, but you can now pay for your order with Apple Pay (Safari browser on mobile only), Google Pay and Amazon Payments (uses the payment information saved to your Amazon account), as well as the usual PayPal and credit cards. I hope this makes things quicker and easy for you, especially when ordering on mobiles. Amazon Payments was incredibly tedious to set up so I was grateful that someone used it the very next day!

Privacy Policy

And in boring news, I have updated my Privacy Policy (and on Etsy & Folksy too). Take a minute to read it if you want to know who has access to your data and how it’s used.

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