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New Pattern: Japanese Biscuit Sticks (up to 40% off!)

This week’s Sunday pattern features the Pocky from a couple of weeks ago and has been added to my on-demand stores as unbranded generic Japanese biscuit sticks!

Japanese Biscuit Sticks Pocky pattern

This breaks my theme a little as these are technically not characters, since they don’t have any faces – shocker! I just preferred the pattern without – it looks abstract from a distance so it’s not immediately obvious that’s it’s made from Pocky sticks. I also wasn’t 100% happy with the repeat until I turned it diagonal.

Japanese Biscuit Sticks Pocky pattern on-demand

It’s now available in my Society6, Redbubble & Zazzle stores on tons of fun products. Perfect for adding some sweetness without being overly kawaii.

Japanese Biscuit Sticks Pocky pattern coin pouches Society6

There’s some good discounts this weekend too. Society6 has 25% off everything today and I hear a rumour there will be different offers on Monday and Tuesday including free shipping. How cute are these pouches?

Japanese Biscuit Sticks Pocky tote bag

As well as the diagonal pattern, I’ve created some products with a few large sticks for a different look. Many of them are at Zazzle including this tote bag, if you’ve ever wanted to look like you’re carrying a bag full of Giant Pocky! Get 15-40% off everything today only with the code SUMMERZPARTY. Once again, my newest products are being slow to show up – they’ll be here eventually!

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