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Ghost Padlock Protector

I can’t believe I never blogged about my Ghost padlock protector! He’s just returned to his post on the shed after a trip to the hospital so let’s look at some photos and hear the whole story.

wooden ghost lock protector

A few years ago, my landlord kindly put a door back on the shed. The external padlock wasn’t able to stand up to the endless rain and got so rusted up that my bike was trapped in there for ages. My dad promised to make me a bit of wood to protect the lock but actually made me a Ghost! I came back from Japan to find him installed and happily keeping the rain off.

wooden ghost lock protector

Unfortunately, the rain did for him too (it really rains A LOT here) and the hinge rusted so badly it snapped off in my hand one day. Cue sad photo and a trip to the Ghost hospital.

wooden ghost lock protector

He got a complete overhaul there with a fresh coat of paint and a new rust-resistant hinge! My dad had some trouble getting the face right so I stepped in on my next visit.

(Sidenote: a lot of people think that characters like mine are too simple to be unique but if you change something small it’s always instantly obvious to me. It may just be a happy face but it’s MY happy face)

wooden ghost lock protector

Anyway, painting tiny details with enamel paint is not easy but this turned out pretty well. After some more varnish he was ready to come home.

wooden ghost lock protector

It’s nice to have him back on guard! I don’t actually use the shed that much because it is so damp and leaky inside but I get to see him every time I put the bins out. Hopefully he’s ready for the usual rainy autumn.

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