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100 Days of Kawaii Characters – The End!

This morning I shared the final post for my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project! It took me almost 4 weeks longer than it should have but I’m still very proud of myself for seeing it through. Big thanks to everyone who’s liked and/or commented on my posts – it really kept me going! Let’s have a look back at the last 12 characters.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 89-92

  • Happy Mail – Possibly my favourite pattern from the whole project (Illustrator/Photoshop)
  • Candy Floss Animals – Based on these incredible treats from a shop in Harajuku. (Illustrator)
  • Nintendo 3DS – My poor water-damaged friend! He was doing okay-ish for a while there but now the touch screen seems dead. Sad times. (Illustrator)
  • Trapped Lava Lamp Ghost – A great suggestion. Choosing colours for this was fun. (Sketch/iPad)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 93-96

  • Eggs For Breakfast – This was a popular pattern and I love it too. (Illustrator/Photoshop)
  • Ghost Ship in a Bottle – I spent far too much time on this and the ship is still a bit wonky but I love the idea. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Avocado – I don’t really like avocados but they are cute. (Illustrator)
  • Teabag – I have plans for a tea pattern but I’ll need more characters. (Illustrator)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 97-100

  • Cute Cats & Kawaii Kittens – I’m really happy with this one too and have plans to do more cat colours and patterns. (Illustrator)
  • Ghost Pickles – This is so silly but once I thought of it, I had to do it. I will definitely be drawing more trapped ghosts. (Sketch/iPad)
  • 99 – Well, what else would I draw? A 99 is a vanilla ice cream cone with a chocolate Flake stuck in it. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Celebration Cake – I drew this at the same time as the ship in a bottle but realised it would make a great 100. Where is my real cake? (Sketch/iPad)

You can look back at previous recaps here, or see the whole lot together on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

It feels so weird to be done with this! Back in April, I was almost certain I would complete it eventually, but it’s still a long time to be constantly creating new things. I’ll have a couple of posts soon about what I learned and what’s happening next, plus I’ll round up my favourites (and least favourites!).

In the meantime, I would really appreciate it if you would take this short survey and help me decide which characters should appear on new products – and how many surprise boxes I should make.


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