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New Keyrings + Samples & Seconds Sale!

I’ve been digging up more random things while decluttering, plus I have some brand new products, all available at bargain prices.

kawaii cloud keyrings

A customer asked if I could make my Happy Cloud brooches into keyrings, and I thought, why not? There was a tight deadline so I wasn’t certain they would work out but they look really cute. I had a few extras made, which are in my shop now. There’s only 3 of each and they’re only £3 as I may make some changes if I decide to add them permanently.

kawaii cloud and ghost keyrings

I also got some Ghosts! These look so cute in a bigger size with thicker acrylic. I might add one to my bag as a charm. You can also remove the split ring and put in a chain for a necklace or phone loop. Let me know if you like them and want me to make more of my characters into keyrings.

kawaii fabric sale

I recently decluttered my sewing table and found a lot of fabric I had dumped in there. It includes some slightly misprinted tea towel calendars and coin purses, plus an old Bread Slice mini pillow. You could make these as directed, or just use the characters for other sewing projects. Everything is super duper cheap, from £1.

kawaii cards

You can even get a variety pack of 4 brand new cards + envelopes for just £4 (a £6 saving!), just because they’re already packaged in plastic and I don’t want to store them. It’s been so great to see almost everyone choosing paper packaging since I added the option.

kawaii enamel pin seconds

There’s also a few flawed enamel pins and Meal Planner notepads plus acrylic charms and a horribly printed fabric wristlet pouch that makes me sad. Go have a look!

kawaii brooches

There’s a gang of misfits too, all free to good home. I’m especially fond of the cookie who’s still smiling despite having both his legs sawn off. I’ll be offering these on Instagram later, so look out for that.

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