Japan 2018

Japan 2018 Recap: Day 7, 8 & 9

I’m sharing quick day recaps of my Japan trip while I upload all my photos to Flickr. You can also catch up on my whole trip in my saved Instagram story and Postcards From Japan posts on Patreon.

meeting Kaila - marcelinesmith

Day 7

Solo day as Nicolette went to a music festival in Kawasaki with Alan & Helen (read my Kaiwa Japan interview with Alan) and I met up with Kaila of Rainbowholic. We had a really nice time in Wrapple chatting, swapping gifts and doing a little bit of journaling. Wrapple is a craft shop and cafe with loads of washi tape for you to use – definitely a great place to meet creative friends! Afterwards, I did some shopping in Shibuya and Shinjuku – and bought this trip’s pillow! – before meeting up with everyone for curry. I didn’t realise the branch I chose was right under the Godzilla head so it was cool to see that.

Godzilla in Shinjuku - marcelinesmith

Ueno Park - marcelinesmith

Day 8

Our last full day so we spent a lot of time running around doing last minute shopping. I still hadn’t visited a park or garden so we headed to Ueno to stock up on gachapon and have a picnic lunch and watch the swan boats. Nicolette then headed off to see the Sky Tree while I spent ages trying to track down Siretoco Donuts (I’m going to update my donuts post soon to help anyone else!). I made a last visit to Kiddyland too and then we finished our trip with some amazing ramen and those cute panda donuts.

panda donuts - marcelinesmith

pokemon vending maching - marcelinesmith

Day 9

And then we went home! It was an early start but still much quicker and easier flying from Haneda. I’m a total Haneda convert now and will write a post about why. They have a Pokemon vending machine too. Here’s a few more photos.

Hope you enjoyed these recaps. I’ll be sharing lots more Japan posts in 2019.

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