Last Day To Buy + Holiday Information

This is it for 2018 – I’m packing up the last orders tomorrow and then going on holiday! I’ll still be blogging but otherwise taking a break so here’s what’s happening over the next few weeks.

Last Orders

If you still want to shop, my cut off is 11am GMT tomorrow and everything will be shipped First Class the same day. While this is before Royal Mail’s own cut off, it’s not certain your order will arrive before for Christmas, even the UK. Order earlier next time!

Alternate Stockists

You can buy a smaller range of my products from my stockists – with some like Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh and Ippuku Tea House in York open this weekend for panic buying. My on-demand stores and online stockists may also be shipping throughout the holidays if you can’t wait for me to get back.

Holiday Shipping

My shop (& Etsy) will remain open with limited stock but I won’t be shipping again until Monday 7th January 2019. If something you want is out of stock, contact me and I’ll let you know when it’s back. Digital zines and printables are not affected and will be automatically delivered as normal. 

Look out for some special offers in my newsletter on the 28th, if you feel like spending some of your Christmas money.

Contacting Me

I will be away for a few days over Christmas visiting family and would like a break (since I spent last year’s holiday time finishing my book!). If you contact me, I will try to reply to any important messages within 48 hours but please be patient. There’s not usually anything I can do until I get home anyway.

Thank you for all your orders this year – I’m so behind in my accounts that I don’t know if it’s been a good year or not yet, but it has felt very steady all year long, with lots of repeat buyers, which is lovely. You’re all great!

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