New! Kawaii Washi Tape

I’m so excited to share my new washi tape! It was delayed in printing but arrived just in time for Christmas.

kawaii washi tape

I love washi tape and have quite a collection of kawaii designs and patterns so it’s a bit of a dream come true to see my characters on washi tape. Choosing just 2 designs was super difficult but I went with 2 of my most popular characters: 5 A Day fruit and vegetables and Rainbow Ghosts!

kawaii washi tape

Completely new products are always a risk but I am so pleased with how these turned out. The print quality is perfect, the colours are bright and the tape itself is high quality, similar to mt brand.

kawaii washi tape

I know from personal experience how disappointing it is when a cute washi tape design turns out to be plasticky, won’t come off the roll without tearing or has the wrong sort of stickiness. This peels off beautifully and has a nice texture with a little bit of transparency. It looks super professional too with matching labels.

kawaii washi tape

You can find them in my shop for £5 each – or buy both designs together for £9. I hope you like them!

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