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February 2019 Favourites

Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff from this month, though there’s not a lot as I was having a break.

My February in video

My 4 favourite photos

instagram marcelinesmith

From @marcelinesmith, @averyquietstreet and @sckawaii on Instagram. (L-R, top-bottom)

  • DIY cats for a tutorial on Super Cute Kawaii (see below)
  • I sewed some new buttons on my pom pom hat
  • Ripples at the seafront
  • Packaging pins for a wholesale order

Some other things I wrote

5 Links I loved

  • Loved Kaila’s post on How I Get Things Done. Mine would be fairly similar but we have some big differences so maybe I will write one too along with my usual schedule.
  • Laura shared her Favourite Pens (and Pencils) and we got into a (very good-natured) disagreement so I need to write a rebuttal. 
  • Behind the scenes photos from the stop-motion Rilakkuma TV show coming to Netflix in April
  • Forever here for photos of peoples’ book shelves so I enjoyed How do you organize your books? at the AV Club. Mine still mostly look like this.
  • Pokemon wedding anyone? This official wedding plan is actually pretty adorable, especially if a Pikachu mascot does actually turn up.

If you want more of this kind of stuff to read, please consider joining my Patreon. I share many more links every weekend and will be writing about my favourite things a few times a year. It’s only $1 a month to join with lots more cool stuff included too

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