Coming Soon: Custom Stamps Week 2

Custom Stamps Week went really well last year so I’m doing it again with Mint Maker Studio (the new name for Serious Stamp!). Here’s all the info so you can be prepared.

What’s Custom Stamps Week?

My shop only stocks a small range of my characters as as polymer stamps but in Custom Stamps Week you can order any of my characters as a one-off stamp as well as personalised address stamps and other limited time offers.

Photo by @zombiexbrando of her custom stamps!

How does it work?

For one week only, I will have special product listings for various stamps. You order as usual and I create a mockup of your stamp to approve. At the end of the week, I send all the designs to Mint Maker Studio who make all the stamps and then I post them out to you.

personalised custom address stamps

What can I order?

This time there will be a few new and exciting stamp options!

  • Small round character stamps (£6.50) – similar to the ones in my shop but you can request ANY of my characters.
  • Large address stamps (£16) – these can be personalised with any combination of text and character e.g. your address or your name.
  • Happy Mail collection (£16) – I’ve created 2 special mail-themed stamps that will only be available during this week.
  • New character stamps (£6.50) – I’ll also be adding some new characters to my shop range if you want to combine shipping.
  • (Prices were originally shown without shipping, sorry!)
happy mail stamps

When’s it happening?

Custom Stamps Week 2 will start this Friday 15th March and end on Saturday 23rd March. All stamps should be shipped by mid April. I’ll post again on Friday with all the ordering details and new stamp designs.

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