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Happy Pencils On-Demand

It was Snail Mail month at my Patreon in April and I made some new patterns and designs with the Happy Pencils from my 100 Day Project.

kawaii pencils - redbubble

I’ve added them to my Society6, Redbubble & Zazzle stores so you can buy them on lots of fun products, including prints, stationery, clothing, phone cases, homeware, mugs, bags and lots more. All the above are at Redbubble, which can print and ship from a few different locations including the USA, Europe and Australia to save you money on shipping and fees.

kawaii pencils - society6

Society6 have added some new products lately including mini art prints, wrapping paper, bum bags/fanny packs and acrylic boxes. It will take a while for me to update them with all my old designs but if you want something let me know and I’ll do it first. Society6 are based in the USA but often have big discounts and free worldwide shipping offers. Keep an eye on their social media or join their mailing list for updates.

kawaii pencils - zazzle

Over at Zazzle there’s some fun stuff like reversible pillows, postcard packs, t-shirts, tissue paper and table runners. Most of their products are made in the USA but you can check the regional sites worldwide too + there’s always a discount happening.

kawaii pencils tote bag

If I didn’t already have a million bags, I would pick up a pencil tote, which you can buy from all 3 sites. If you’d like a free wallpaper with this design, join my mailing list and you’ll get it at the end of this month. Or join my Patreon as they get everything first.

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