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May was Tiny Things Month on my Patreon so let’s have a look back at what I was working on.

Happy Mail

The whole point of this theme was so I could make matchboxes filled with tiny things for the new Mail Box tier! This was inspired by a matchbox swap I organised a long time ago and it was just as much fun to do it again. I made a few extra ones, which are in the Trouble Club Shop now (patrons of all tiers get access).

happy mail

All Happy Mail patrons received these items – 2 exclusive postcards, a Banana sticker and a tiny thank you letter.

tiny paintings

Inside the happy mail envelope was a tiny original painting. These were A7 size and a lot of fun to do.

kawaii summer pins

New Designs & Products

My main focus was designing some new wooden pins and I shared a look at the design process for these. They’re all in my shop now. I also created new tiny fabric patterns for my Spoonflower store.

happy clouds free wallpaper

Wallpapers & Printables

My wallpaper this month featured some tiny clouds, and will be shared with my mailing list this week for free. $5+ patrons also got printable washi tape – I wish I could afford to make all these for real!

printable washi tape

Sorry you missed out on all this?

You can join the Trouble Club any time to get access to the wallpapers & printables archive and the Trouble Club Shop, plus you can read all the old posts. The upcoming June rewards will be shared on Friday and have a Summer Holiday theme.

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