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Work/Life Projects

June was Work/Life Month on my Patreon so let’s have a look back at what I was working on.

kawaii motivational stickers

New Designs & Products

My two plans for this month were some self-care stickers and a Day in the Life zine. The stickers turned out more like motivational stickers and I think they’re a cute way to keep yourself feeling positive. These got such a good reaction that I’m going to work on a sticker sheet or set for my own shop – and will add some to my on-demand stores too.

day in the life zine

I’m really happy that I finally completed my Day in the Life zine. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while and feels like a nice way to tie up the project. We were talking about how to bring it back but social media is really no good for it now so you’ll all just have to start blogging again. You can buy a copy from my Payhip store.

motivational wallpapers

Wallpapers & Printables

The motivational designs were also on the wallpapers and printables. I made 4 wallpapers for desktop and mobile and a printable set of stickers. I’m not sure I will share all of these wallpapers with my mailing list but you can sign up to get at least one for free next week.

Patreon happy mail

Happy Mail

Everyone on the happy mail tiers got some motivational stickers, a little Fuji note from me, a puffin (or sandpiper) card from my Fife holiday and a 5 A Day Bunnies postcard. Mailbox patrons also got to choose one of my new pins.

5 a day bunnies postcard

These fruit and veggie bunnies are from Bunny Month and I love them a lot! They’ll be turning up on products at some point but these postcards are currently exclusive to the Trouble Club Shop now (patrons of all tiers get access).

Exclusive Posts

I also wrote a couple of blog posts that are exclusive to patrons:

Sorry you missed out on all this?

You can join the Trouble Club any time to get access to the wallpapers & printables archive and the Trouble Club Shop, plus you can read all the old posts. The upcoming July rewards will be shared on Friday and have a Japan Memories theme.


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