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July was Japan Memories Month on my Patreon so let’s have a look back at what I was working on. It didn’t quite work out as planned but there was still plenty fun stuff happening.

Happy Mail

Patreon happy mail

My Mail Box patrons received some special stationery samples that I bought on my second and third Japan trips. I love having patrons to share these with as otherwise it would all just pile up unused in my stationery hoard. All patrons got an exclusive Teru Teru Bozu mini print, Happy Mail postcard, a copy of my favourite souvenir stamps and some other bits and pieces. The mini prints are available in the Trouble Club Shop (patrons of all tiers get access).

Japan Guides

japan guides and books

My big task was updating my Japan guides but that has been shelved for the moment as my laptop is running out of memory and can’t deal with InDesign any more. Hopefully the rest of my book money will arrive soon so I can upgrade my laptop. The good news is that I’ve been checking all the links and the vast majority of places are still open (though some of the links have changed) so it’s still worth buying them if you have a trip coming up. Otherwise, wait for the new editions with lots of new discoveries!


teru teru bozu free wallpapers

The wallpaper this month featured a string of Teru Teru Bozu (Japanese good weather charms). The pink one is inspired by the one I made at Hyper Japan! I’ll be sharing this with my mailing list on Friday – sign up to get it.

teru teru bozu printable stickers


To make up for the delay with the guides, there were three exclusive printables this month including the Teru Teru Bozu for stickers.

mt fuji printable notelets

My printer has been refusing to print black so I haven’t been able to try these Fuji fold-up notelets yet myself. I think they’d be so cute in a package to a friend or for secret notes in your journal. The last one is all the pillows I brought back from Japan (& Thailand) that I drew for a post below.

Exclusive Posts

kawaii pillows from Japan

I also wrote some posts about Japan

New Designs & Products

kawaii stickers

My patrons helped me pick themes for my new sticker sheets – these were the quick mockups I made. Happy Mail and Kawaii Life (3&4) were the most popular and went into production after a few edits.

kawaii stickers

The enthusiasm for the Happy Mail characters ended up inspiring me to design a new Happy Mail postcard too. All those are in my shops now.

happy mail kawaii postcard

Sorry you missed out on all this?

You can join the Trouble Club any time to get access to the wallpapers & printables archive and the Trouble Club Shop, plus you can read all the old posts and see what’s happening in Spooky Autumn month. The upcoming September rewards will be shared this week and have a cosy home theme.

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