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One of the things I’ve been working on lately is updating my how-to zines – including both my Japan guides – as things change and go out of date.

guide to zinemaking

The first one is complete as my Let’s Make Zines! guide to zinemaking has been updated in a new print edition. The digital PDF is also updated on Payhip & Etsy for you to download and print yourself. It’s my personal guide to zinemaking and self-publishing and includes tips and advice on content, layout, printing, selling and more, plus lots of helpful resources. If you bought a copy in the last month, message me with your order number and I’ll send you a free update.

japan 2016

Updates to my Japan guides will take a little longer as my laptop is running out of memory and can’t deal with InDesign any more. My publishers lost my invoice but once I get the rest of my book money I’ll be able to upgrade my laptop. The good news is that I’ve been checking all the links and the vast majority of places are still open (though some of the links have changed) so it’s still worth buying them if you have a trip coming up. Otherwise, wait for the new editions with lots of new discoveries!

payhip japan guides

If you enjoy my zines, consider joining my Patreon. The $5+ tiers include a massive 75% discount on all my digital zines and printables so you can make that back in minutes. You also get loads of other exclusive rewards too. Here’s how it all works.

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