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2009 vs 2019

I’ve been enjoying the 2009 vs 2019 art posts people have been sharing on social media and had to have a look back at my own. The first thing I noticed was my outfit drawings so I updated one of mine from earlier this year to compare. It’s so cool to see how my drawing style has changed and improved.

2019: Procreate on iPad

I had to include my new Rilakkuma plush as I’ve needed a lot of emergency hugs this year. I drew him completely freehand for realistic wonkiness and it was fun to make the outlines more fuzzy too.

2009: Adobe Illustrator on laptop

2009 didn’t feel that long ago but this drawing takes me right back! I realised my life has changed so much for the better since then (though I still wear those Birkenstocks). I’m much happier to be living in Helensburgh and never having to go to that post office again. That was the last time I had long hair too, though I’m much better at not just tying it up all the time.

I was going to do some product comparisons too but I already did that for 2007-2017, which is pretty similar.

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