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My Christmas Gifts & Buys

Here’s a little roundup of all my Christmas gifts – and some things I gifted to myself!

Christmas presents

This is (most of) my Christmas Day haul from my dad, his partner and Nicolette. So many cute things! Very happy to have Dinosheen slippers as my Pusheenicorns are almost worn out. Nicolette got me that very cool t-shirt from the Pokemon Center in London and I didn’t even have to queue for 6 hours.

Noodoll Christmas plush

We both got Christmas plushies by Noodoll and they helped decorate the tree for a while. They’re so chubby and happy.

Rilakkum & Kogumachan

Rilakkuma & Kogumachan got new matching outfits and looked so adorable together on a photo walk with their little cameras. I think they must post their photos on Kumagram.

Christmas presents

Boxing Day gifts at my mum’s with books off my wishlist, yay. The snowman is popcorn and the puffins are a beeswax wrap. I may have hinted heavily about that pompom bunny at the Etsy Made Local market!

I ordered a few gifts for myself to arrive when I got home. I was a little dubious about paper-feel screen protectors but it is a lot nicer to draw on and less slippery. Total nightmare to put on though!

The worst thing about giving up caffeine over 10 years ago is getting a decent cup of coffee at home but I think I have finally cracked it with an Aeropress. It’s super quick and I can’t get over how easy it is to clean.

Gingerbread Ryan plush

Nicolette picked up a discount flyer at the Kakao Friends popup shop so it would have been rude not to buy Gingerbread Ryan, since he was on sale. He’s even cuter than I imagined and perfect for my kawaii decorations.

Christmas plush

I was sad to pack away all my new Christmas friends so soon but I’ll just have to get my decorations up earlier this year. You can see Santa Miffy there too – I got her at Amsterdam airport.

Usually I have a few posts about our Christmas walks and outings but sadly the weather was really bad this time. I do have a couple of other things to share though.

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