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What’s Happening on Patreon in March

Here’s what’s coming up throughout March if you join my Trouble Club on Patreon.


March Plans

During March I’ll be making a US version of my seasonal fruit & vegetables charts and my $5 patrons will get it as part of a free printable set (along with things that are useful for non-US folks!).

I’ll also be working on bunny-themed patterns & printables for my shops, using things I designed last year, and sharing photos of my stationery stash. It’s my birthday month too so hopefully I will make my first day in the life style video. There will be more Pokemon drawings and maybe some bonus Animal Crossing content as well.

seasonal fruit and vegetables fridge magnets

Trouble Club Supporter ($1)

Join from just $1 to get an unlimited use 15% discount code for my main shop and access to the Trouble Club shop with exclusive products and add-on Happy Mail deliveries. You’ll also get to read my weekly catch up posts to see what I’m working on, take part in polls and get first access to sales and limited offers.

Trouble Club Member ($5)

Upgrading to the $5 tier gets you all the $1 rewards plus monthly printables and zines including exclusives. You also get a huge 75% discount for all my printables, Japan guides & zines. I even send you a postcard in the mail every 6 months – the next one goes out in July and you get extras for every month you’ve been a patron.

How Patreon works

To get the discount codes and some exclusives, you need to join my Trouble Club before the end of February as Patreon charges everyone on the 1st. Other rewards are available whenever you join.

Can’t afford to join?

You can still follow along for free. You won’t get any of the rewards but I do make some of my posts public. Also, some wallpapers will be shared with my newsletter subscribers the following month. You can also take part in my Surprise Mail Swap and I will send you something fun.

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