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The last couple of months have been A LOT and I haven’t had much time for blogging so here’s a quick catch up.


Given the current pandemic, I was lucky (?) enough to get some early practice at self-isolation as we had 3 storms in 3 weeks during February. There wasn’t much damage here but the seafront was all flooded and just walking to the post drop off and supermarket was tough without being blown away. There were some pretty epic photos in the local paper.


My laptop also started being weird and would crash and then refuse to wake up for hours. I took it to the Apple store and spent literally an hour trying to recreate the issue. It was only after getting the all-clear from diagnostics that my laptop felt insulted and crashed. Sadly that meant the whole motherboard had to be replaced so I was back to square one and I had to reinstall everything after only having it for 3 months. Luckily I still had my old laptop, and 95% of my data is backed up in 3 places so it has just been tedious and annoying.

studio desk

I spent some of my laptop-free time tidying up and reorganising my home. I have a hard time getting rid of boxes as I never know when I might need one just that size for shipping something. It was getting to be a mountain though so I recycled almost all of them, just keeping a few handy ones and all the cute ones from Pusheen Box and San-X.

pusheen box

I’ve been sorting out my stationery, happy mail and travel ephemera and realised these would be great for storage boxes. They’ve been filling up fast and hopefully I will get started on some journaling/scrapbooking soon.

kawaii fabric hair bows

I’ve also been busy with Super Cute Kawaii – we have a new-ish website design and I think the content has really taken a big leap in quality lately. Go have a read if you haven’t visited lately. I’m also going through the archives to remove broken links and it’s been very nostalgic. 2010 was especially enjoyable – so many of the shops and makers we featured are celebrating their 10 year anniversaries just now and it’s so great to see them thriving.

I will leave you with my second selfie in 8 months! I think I have finally figured this out – try all the Instagram filters until you find a flattering one and then take a billion photos. I made these hair bows for a sponsored post on Super Cute Kawaii (with a tutorial from my book!) and really enjoyed. I might make some more with my own designs.

I’m trying to share more on Instagram stories so go follow me (@marcelinesmith) if you want to know what’s happening day to day.

PS. you might also spot something different about my shop! More on that soon.

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