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Changes To Shipping Costs & Discount Codes

A rather boring informational post today but I wanted to give you time to order before I make some changes to my pricing and discount codes on July 1st.

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Shipping costs are going up

Royal Mail are raising their prices on July 1st which means I will need to do so as well. Luckily, they won’t be too different as the vast majority of my orders are Large Letter size. However, if you were planning a big order, do it now as some international sizes are much higher and the USA is in a new very expensive zone of its own.

As the Royal Mail update grumpily points out, this is not them – or me – being greedy, it is a certain person in charge of the USA who is forcing the issue. If you’re American and like ordering from overseas, please remember this when you vote!

I’ll also be taking a look at my prices generally, as there have been some higher costs for printing and supplies due to the pandemic, Brexit, Etsy changes etc. As always, buy direct from my Shopify store for the best prices, and you’ll likely get a doodle and free sticker or badge too.

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Older discount codes are being removed

If you’ve bought something from my shop or Etsy/Folksy, you’ll have received a business card in your parcel which has a discount code on the back for your next order. I now have far too many of these codes active and need to delete some for my own sanity. If you kept a card, go check which one it is.

  • Mt Fuji is valid until August 2020
  • My new Rainbow card is valid until the end of the year
  • All other square cards will expire on June 30th 2020

If you have another card not mentioned, give it a go before the end of June. It may or may not work depending on how old it is.

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Covid-19 update

I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to run my business almost as normal throughout lockdown and continue to post orders twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings. Most orders seem to be arriving quite quickly, especially in the UK, but Royal Mail is still a bit overwhelmed, and there are less international flights + customs backlogs etc. so do be patient.

Thank you so much for keeping my bills paid during this weird time. I appreciate it so much! I’m still worried about the future but hope to create some new products soon.


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