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New Stamps Coming Soon

My polymer stamps have been going out of stock one by one as me and Mint Maker Studio are looking to change up some suppliers. That’s going to be happening quite soon so I’ve been busy thinking up some new stamps to add to the range. I’d love to hear what you think.

kawaii polymer stamps

These are some possibilities for new small round stamps like most of my current range, which would be available as sets or individually. Imagine the snowflake with a light or metallic ink! These have had the least amount of love so far (I’ve asked on Patreon and Instagram) so not all of these will be happening. Speak up if you really want to see these!

kawaii polymer stamps

Motivation stamps were a last minute idea but seem to be popular. These would be a larger size, like the Happy Mail series. I only show 4 here but could add any from motivation set.

kawaii rubber stamps

And something brand new. I love the idea of a set of Bunny Emotions for journaling and crafts and Clare suggested doing them as acrylic stamps. They would come as a sheet of thin stamps that you use with a plastic block.

Let me know which ones you’d like to see come to life. You can vote in the public poll on Patreon or leave a comment on Instagram.

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