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My Most Popular Kawaii Face Masks

I was so excited to see people ordering my designs on face masks that I’ve been keeping every sale email since the first sale on April 30th. That’s getting a bit ridiculous now so before I deleted them all, I counted up the numbers so we can see which designs are most popular. Here’s the top 8.

Kawaii fruit & vegetables Face Masks

5 A Day Fruit & Vegetables – not a big surprise to find this at number 1 as it’s one my most popular designs of all time. I imagine this one is getting a lot of use at the supermarket.

Kawaii Pineapple Face Masks

Kawaii Pineapple – it might seem like a weird one but this pineapple is by far my biggest selling character on Redbubble due to some algorithm situation. It’s ten times more popular than any other design! Mostly that’s on stickers but people like it on masks too.

Kawaii Bunny Face Masks

Kawaii Bunny Emotions – a more recent design that captures the many different emotions we’re all feeling these days.

Kawaii Happy Face Masks

Kawaii Happy Face – It makes me very happy to imagine people wearing these happy masks. I hope it’s cheering up everyone they meet.

Kawaii Clouds Face Masks

Happy Kawaii Clouds – all my weather-related designs are popular on face masks. These happy clouds were my own pick when I ordered a DIY kit from Spoonflower.

Kawaii Sun Face Masks
Kawaii Weather Face Masks

Hello Sunshine & Stormy Weather – these two have equal sales so I guess some people are feeling optimistic and others like a bit more gloom.

Kawaii Lemons & Limes Face Masks

Lemons & Limes – one more for the grocery shoppers and this is quite summery too.

kawaii face masks styles

I’ve shown Redbubble masks above as they’re my biggest sellers but I have other styles available too, plus DIY mask kits. All the links, information and offers are on my Kawaii Face Masks page.

Thank you SO MUCH if you’ve bought a mask. My on-demand payments have been so much higher over the last few months and it really helps keep me going.

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