Recent Favourites #2

This was originally posted on my Patreon in November 2020 and I’m moving the series over to my blog. It has a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web.

wish list

Wish List

  • Momiji’s new enamel pins are so cute that I can’t pick one to buy.
  • I love the whole Christmas collection at Sanrio EU. I’ll probably just get the stickers but I do like that jumper a lot.
  • Also impossible to choose between – eco bags in sea creature plushy pouches at Tofu Cute
  • I really love Ellie vs Bear’s art style and this space adventure set is a bit of a bargain.

Links I Loved

  • Redbubble’s blog had a few good guest posts recently by artists. Common Mistakes That Peg You as an Amateur T-shirt Designer has some good tips for anyone starting out with print on demand and Tackling Art Theft is a well written take with a great attitude.
  • Maki has a great round up of this year’s Jimi Halloween costumes from Japan – the ones that are really low-key everyday situations.
  • I always enjoy reading about the process of making books and Anna Hrachovec has a nice reminisce about her first book Knitting Mochimochi.
  • Chanteii made the pastel spooky garland from Animal Crossing! I was thinking about this too as it’s so cute.
  • There’s a new issue of Merryn Magazine with Christmas gift ideas from UK and Ireland independent creators, makers and retailers – including me! 

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