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This Year’s Christmas Card

Every year, I design a special Christmas card for my family and friends. With everything going on this year, it might not have happened but I managed to come up with something not too time consuming, and pretty cute!

gingerbread house Christmas Card

It was my Christmas card brainstorming that brought me the idea of a Gingerbread House for stay at home year and I used that illustration for a design that I had printed on pearlescent card. But where did the gingerbread cookies go?

gingerbread house Christmas Card

Yes, they’re inside, staying safe! I had originally imagined printing the cards at home and getting my Cameo to cut the doors out but instead I cut them by hand with a sharp craft knife.

gingerbread house Christmas Card

Inside are both cookies and a very 2020 message! I did use my Cameo to make these stickers as I knew there would be a few people that aren’t having a happy Christmas at home this year and I could write something else instead.

kawaii gingerbread house card

Usually, I sell a version of my card in my shop the following year but this one would be a bit tricky – and hopefully won’t be relevant any more! You can buy the original illustration on cards through my on-demand sites, if you want to stock up cheaply for next year.

I’ll be back next week with my 2020 recap but otherwise will be taking a break. A reminder that my shop is still open and orders will ship on Monday 4th January with a free gift to make up for the wait.

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