Shop Update: New Products & Seconds

A little update for you with a new product, restocked items, seconds and more news.

happy face stickers

New Stickers

I made these happy stickers for my patrons and Christmas mail but everyone loved them on social media so I’ve added them to my shop. Buy a pack of 6 or 15 stickers and use them to seal envelopes, decorate packages or to cheer up a journal or notebook.

happy mail bundle

Happy Mail Bundles

Since we’re back in lockdown, I’ve brought back my stationery bundles too. They’re filled with lots of happy colourful cards, stickers and more to send to friends. This new version is the same price but will also include smiley face stickers.

seconds stamps

New Seconds

My January Sale is still going and I’ve added some new things too so take a look. I’ll be fully restocking my mini wooden stamps soon so I’m selling off the last of the old sizes super cheap as seconds. There’s also more slightly damaged wooden pins, including new characters.

postbox pin

Covid & Brexit Shipping Update

It’s been a confusing start to the year but things seem to be getting clearer (and worse!). I’m well-practiced in pandemic shipping practices now so will continue to ship your orders on Mondays & Thursdays. Do expect delays with delivery though, especially internationally and/or if your area/country is in lockdown.

I’m now able to ship to the EU again too but the situation with customs fees is still causing problems. At present, EU buyers should not have to pay customs fees on most orders from my shop as my products are mostly made in the UK & EU and I don’t use couriers. Items that are made elsewhere include my book, enamel pins and washi tape – check the product description as I always include the manufacturing country. The situation looks to change in July and I will update you then. I’m so sorry my country is so stupid!

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