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March Favourites

March zipped past super fast! Here’s a look back at my favourite stuff from this month.

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My 4 favourite photos

  • My reorganised shelves (see blog posts below)
  • Added a Sakura pin to my spring jacket
  • Making origami bunnies for Mother’s Day
  • Happy birthday to me! (more on this soon)

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This month’s blog posts

Some other things I wrote

Into It!

I’ll start mentioning a few other things I’ve been enjoying this month. The new Mogwai album is as tremendous as expected and I’m really happy they got their first #1 record after supporting them for 25 years! The Terror is the best and most horrifyingly grim thing I’ve watched in a long time, and yet so beautiful and even funny. Everyone on it was incredible and the Arctic looked so bleak and, well, terrifying. Camp Cretaceous is so much better than an animated Jurassic World for kids needed to be. All the main characters are 1000x more interesting than the kids in the new films and I love seeing more of the park features. I also binged my way through Black Mirror, finally (and enjoyed most of them a lot) and The Right Stuff is a pretty cool look at the Mercury space program for fellow space nerds.

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