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Birthday & Recently

I haven’t had much time for personal blogging so here’s what I’ve been up to lately, including my birthday!


I never expected to have a second lockdown birthday but here we are. Even though I don’t usually do much for my birthday, it was a bit sad not even having a shopping trip to Glasgow. There will be time to celebrate once we’re all vaccinated though, so I just had a pretty normal working day but with lots of presents and cake! This colour-changing bunny lamp was one of my favourite gifts. I also really appreciated all the surprise mail that was sent to my PO Box. It really cheered up my morning reading them all.


I got so much cake and snacks in the post that I’ll be sorted for weeks, but I did eat these macarons from Claire very quickly. They were so good! You can order them from Mademoiselle Macaron and they come in a very pretty box.

cute things from japan

I’ll share more of my presents in another post, along with things I bought for myself. I used my birthday discount at Cute Things From Japan and they always wrap everything so beautifully.

animal crossing birthday

Probably the most exciting part of the day was getting a proper birthday party in Animal Crossing, after over a year of daily play. It was still basically a deserted island last March but this year all my animal friends threw me a big party.

animal crossing cherry blossom

I also updated my dream if you’d like to come see how Neptune is doing. I’ve made a lot of changes since spring arrived and there’s falling cherry blossoms and a meteor shower to enjoy too. Use the code DA-6646-5783-1713

sakura in helensburgh

With all the sakura in game and photos all over Instagram, I went to see if our sakura trees were in bloom yet, and they were! It’s been really cold, wet and windy here so there were only a few open flowers, lots of buds, and lots of petals on the ground too. Hopefully it won’t be too long until our streets of pink trees are in bloom too.

kawaii plush display

I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning too and reorganised these display shelves in my living room. I can’t believe how much better it looks, just moving a few things around. You can read more about it on Super Cute Kawaii. SCK has been taking up a lot of my time lately but we just hired 2 new writers so that will free me up a soon to write more here, and hopefully some new zines too.

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