Recent Favourites #6

This was originally posted on my Patreon in April 2021 and I’m moving the series over to my blog. It has a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web.

wish list

Wish List

  • Bunny shoes at TOMS! I actually gave in and bought these with a discount code as they’ll be so cute with my bunny dress.
  • I already loved the Sprout Ghosties by Yume Moon Studio and now there’s a baking ghost too.
  • I have plenty cross stitch projects to finish but I really love this Celeste pattern by ScrixelsStitches.
  • I definitely don’t need any more tiny bags but come on it’s a Furoshiki pochette.

Links I Loved

  • I am extremely into everything about the Pokemon Fossil Museum, especially the “life-size” Pokemon skeletons.
  • The official Rilakkuma Instagram is breaking me just now with all the photos of Rilakkuma plushies doing real world stuff. The new Rilakkuma Beside You collection is adorable too.
  • Byte Size Treasure has a really great blog with tons of helpful eco-friendly info and resources for small businesses + cute shark product picks!
  • And Clammy Heart also just started a blog with advice for clothing designers.
  • I’ve been reading about the Apollo missions (again!) and this is an incredible gallery of photos of Earth taken by those astronauts.
  • This book about French cuisine, Let’s Eat France!, looks so cool with all kinds of interesting facts, histories, maps, packaging images etc. 
  • My friend Alice has moved on from tiny paintings to sketches and watercolours inspired by photos from her Japan trips.
  • Jessica Flapjac made such a lovely Licca doll dress with my Prettify fabric
  • Andi’s guide to Cute Korean Sticker Shops on SCK is super helpful.
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